• Brand & Branding


    Clarify your unique identity and find your voice.


    Communicate your authentic message in a way that relates.


    Do so consistently, across channels and time.

  • Marketing & Sales Strategy


    Reorient existing time & money spent on marketing, acquisition, growth to only what works.


    Learn to consistently produce positive ROI.


    Learn to write content that converts.

  • Customer Experience Audit & Journey Design


    Build bulletproof customer relationships, loyalty, and advocacy.


    Uncover small tweaks to plug big leaks leeching your resources and keeping your business treading water.

Who I Work With

I work specifically with small and family-owned businesses;

Artists, artisans, makers, creatives;

And mission-driven visionaries.


My Background

Professional artist and lifelong creative.

30 years experience specifically in small, family-owned, and startup businesses.

Formal marketing and business education.

Experience across various industries, maturity levels, and roles - I know firsthand what it means to wear lots of hats, and the ins and outs of operate a business on both granular levels as well as big-picture, thousand-foot-views.

  • B2B, SaaS, Tech
  • Payment Processing
  • Nonprofits
  • Food: restaurants, catering, sculptural art cakes
  • Event production & rigging
  • Wholesale fashion
  • Retail
  • Market research services and design
  • Consumer packaged goods
  • Urban agriculture, regenerative agriculture, permaculture


  • Business development 
  • Customer relationships
  • Education
  • Website building
  • Survey design & statistics
  • Operations
  • Graphic design & layout
  • Copy and microcopy
  • Product development
  • Product marketing
  • User interface design
  • Branding
  • Accounting



    I have an understanding of the components it takes to run a business, which, coupled with a deep understanding of your nature as a creative, means I can offer unique insights on how to achieve your objectives and make your life better!

    • Our Relationship Comes First

      At Dashatron Enterprises, we have a strict win-win policy. I don't believe in zero-sum games and refuse to play them. I do this because my favorite way to spend time is creating with people I enjoy who are working on things I believe in. That means we are partners, we are results-oriented, I show up for you fully and bring value to you at every step.

    • Only Do What Excites You

      Your business or project is supposed to thrill you and be the wind under your wings. It should be molded around YOU, not the other way around. Just like you wouldn't tolerate mediocrity or toxicity in your intimate relationships, we won't tolerate energy-draining dynamics in your business.

    • Brutal Honesty

      I'm incapable of anything else. Also known as radical candor, you can count on me to always tell you the honest truth, including a comprehensive assessment of all the things you ARE getting very right, and why. I will also tell you what everyone else is too scared to. Get excited for revelations of clarity to help propel you to the next level.

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    My Story

    When I was 6, we moved to the US and my parents opened a bakery.

    Both artists with big ambitions, they assumed their talents, quality of work, and enduring work ethic was enough to muscle through to success.

    What proceeded, however, was a viscerally painful saga of back-breaking work, destroyed health, and increasing financial woes. 

    Their very dream completely destroyed them. I just knew it didn’t have to be this way; it wasn’t fair. Passionate and talented and working people SHOULD be able to realize their dreams.

    Myself born with an artistic nature, I felt it my duty to learn how fix this dynamic, and since then my life has been colored by an insatiable curiosity in how to run a creative business, correctly. 

    I got a marketing degree and went on to work for entrepreneurs and small business owners across a wide variety of industries. Over the course of this exploration of many company cultures and dynamics, growth stages, and strategies, patterns emerged: both of dysfunction and needless financial and emotional bleeding, and of brilliantly elegant systems leading to impressive results from simple methods.

    There’s a playbook, and it works.

    There’s nothing that inspires or excites me more than people pursuing their true genius and artistry, people with big visions and beautiful creations - people in pursuit of excellence and truth.

    And there’s nothing that pains me more than The Big Tragedy - watching those people shoot themselves in the foot and suffering needlessly in attempts to achieve financial security and personal freedom!

    I’ve come to realize two things:


    My favorite way to spend life is by creating with people I care about, who are doing work I believe in.


    I have something unique and valuable to offer to artists and small businesses, because I understand their unique pain points but also the solutions for them.

    I deeply understand the creative chaos but also how to think strategically and design systems to achieve business sustainability and growth.

    I've always been committed to having my cake and eating it, too, and I demand the same for everyone.


    Mission Statement

    To create sustainability, empowerment, and abundance for all!