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Herbs sans tobacco sans herb

Vision Quest Smoke Blend

Vision Quest Smoke Blend

Herbal tobacco replacement

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Balanced burn and balanced flavor.

Smooth-burning and the perfect balance of earth, woody, fragrant and with enough body to make it almost, dare-we-say, tobacco-y.

Gently euphoric and relaxing, its mild buzz makes it perfect for whether you're cutting down on or cutting out tobacco. 

A respiratory tonic and expectorant, if you're going to smoke anything, this blend will be the best for your lungs.

Use on its own or mix with tobacco or other herbs.

100% US grown


Mullein, marshmallow, and lobelia are three powerful respiratory tonics that soothe sore throats, cough, pneumonia, bronchitis, dryness, and opens air passageways. They are also mucilaginous and expectorant.

Uva ursi, damiana, and skullcap are mild intoxicants that provide a gentle buzz and euphoria - a blend of stimulation, relaxation, and aphrodisiac effects similar to cannabis. It has a mild flavor and aroma and offers a smooth smoke.

All the herbs, including sage and red clover add to the flavor and aroma and have been traditionally used in blends for ceremonial uses.


Mullein leaf, sage, red clover, uva ursi, skullcap, marshmallow leaf, damiana, lobelia. (All certified organic)


Use as 1:1 replacement for rolling tobacco


Smoking anything can be harmful. Especially consult with your doctor if you are breastfeeding or pregnant.

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